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Sarah Elizabeth Schaub

Sarah’s lifelong love and study of movement began as a student of classical ballet in Toledo, Ohio. While studying at the University of Utah, Sarah majored in ballet performance. After a back injury sidelined her professional career, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toledo. In 2004 she moved to Chicago where she continued to attend ballet classes and turned to Pilates to help increase her strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility. Sarah quickly fell in love with the Classical Pilates method and completed the Power Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2006. After a move to the suburbs and the birth of her two daughters Sarah struggled to get her body back on an even keel and was diagnosed with arthritis in her spine. It took several years and not a few tears, but with the guidance and support of her former colleagues in the city she was able to rebuild her body. She is thrilled to be feeling like herself again and back to teaching. She is excited to continue to share the joy of movement with others through her teaching and to help them heal, achieve, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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